Swing Era Weddings

Many say the golden age of live music in the 20th Century was the 1930’s through to the 1950’s when the sound of a Big Band filled many a dance halls and a swing era weddings across the USA and in fact the whole world. The phenomenon of that era spread like wild fire as jungle like drums and irresistible swing rhythms sent couples into a frenzy on the dance floor. Swing era weddings are rare and expensive on account of the 15 to 20 necessary instrumentalists in the band. Yet they are unparalleled for style. Imagine a reception hall filled with tuxedos and 1930’s style dresses with stylish back ground music full of trumpets, saxophones and trombones. Sydney wedding Band Big Thanks Band can provide this for anyone who desires. Some of our members studied at the conservatorium of music in Sydney and can pull together the necessary components for a Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman or Count Basie style Big Band. We’ll have you swing dancing to the wee hours of the morning playing all the classics from the golden era of swing. The phenomenon started in the dance halls of New York with band leaders such as Fletcher Henderson and Duke Ellington. The creative sounds that poured out of Ellingtons band gave Swing Era Weddings not just a great dancing momentum but also an exceptional artistic aspect. Couples who pay tribute to this part of history with a swing era wedding and hire the Big Thanks Band Big Band line up are never disappointed. Imagine the bridal party entering the reception hall to the classic hit “In The Mood” by Glen Miller! This starts the evening off with a bang and gets people wiggling in their seats before the speeches have even been made. Rock-n-roll dancing also fits well with this genre of music and its a true delight to sit in the band and see men thrown their dolled up partner up in the air, twirl and catch them then duck them acrobatically between their legs. You could even hire a couple of professional dancers to give people lessons at your Swing Era Wedding! If you are interested in this exciting fad which has returned to Sydney of late, please don’t hesitate to enquire on the Big Thanks Band website. Become a part of the swing era weddings trend today!
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