The Ultimate Wedding Singer

Everyone has seen that classic comedy/dram staring Adam Sandler as “The Wedding Singer”. He works weekends all year round doing the job that The Big Thanks Band actually specialises in! Playing the classic hits and winning the crowd over with both romantic heart wrenching numbers and rock classics. Its not always an easy job but its always rewarding to see people dancing and celebrating on the most important day of their relationship. Adam Sandler himself of course finds love in the lovely character played by Drew Barrymore. A waitress in a similar industry who falls for his boyish charm and his naive romantic persistence. It’s not the dream that most young musicians start out with of fame and fortune and top 40 hits, but the wedding singer is a valuable and necessary part of society! He or her is there to usher in a beautiful phase in an already deep relationship. The wedding singer is there to remind you of the good times, the bad times, the fun times and the sad times through song and lyric. The Big Thanks Band has often been asked to play that classic hit that Adam Sandler played and sung “I want to grow old with you”. In the movie he romantically plays it on the airplane to win back the waitresses heart from a rich, corporate jerk. So many couples ask for this song as either the Bridal Dance, cutting of the cake song or even for the signing of the register. It’s a beautiful reminder of what a good relationship is about: companionship and the ability to spend time together no matter how old one is. The wedding singer is central to our band and we always send the best matching wedding singer with the best wedding band to celebrate your special day. Book the Big Thanks Band today and make sure you lock in the ultimate wedding singer for your live wedding entertainment!

wedding singer

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