A wedding by the swimming pool

Summer is here and there is no reason to get married in discomfort so why not have your wedding by the swimming pool. Many great reception venues around Sydney have swimming pools. There is also a huge variety of private residences that can host a beautiful wedding by the swimming pool. Imagine luxuriating in the sun in your trunks and bikinis after the vows are made. Why the need for such restrictive formality? Let it all hang loose and keep cool for you summer wedding by the swimming pool. Big Thanks Band would love to play for your wedding by the swimming pool and is happy to don our swimwear and enjoy the sun and water with you. Perhaps you might even tie the knot in the swimming pool itself. Have your rings delivered to the centre of the pool on an inflateable swan or some other type of pool toy. Lift the veil, kiss and be pronounced man and wife while you are showered with water from water pistols and super soakers instead of confetti and rice. So easy to clean up! The Big Thanks Band can rock and roll and groove and swing all night by the pool as you and your friends and family party and dance to our huge list of great songs from classic hits of the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s to the music of the 90’s which so many of us grew up with and then into the naughties with all the classic RnB and hip hop influx. Crash Symphony Productions can capture your wedding by the swimming pool in a stunning music video experience of top studio quality sound and video production. Famous for their in studio live Vigs, CSP are the ideal compliment to the Big Thanks Band and will leave you with memories to keep and cherish forever.

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