What style of music do you like?

What style of music do you like? What style of music does your partner like? Music can play a very big part in all of our lives. It brings back memories from childhood and high school and university. It may even be significant in how you and your partner met. Do you have a “song” that is special to you both and your relationship?  Music is something that is very close to ones heart and learning to understand your partners style of music can be a very interesting and enjoyable journey. As Shakespeare says accurately: Music is the food of love, and the style of music that you like needs to be incorporated into your big day! When Sydney Wedding Band Big Thanks band plays at a wedding we like to cater for almost every style of music, but we will focus n the style of music that is most important to you. Both for you and your partner but also for the massive variety of age groups and musical tastes that will be at the wedding.


Wedding receptions are a unique crowd in that they have such a big age group spread. We can’t forget the parents or the grandparents in this mix. Often we are surprised to see younger generations dancing alongside their parents and grandparents to the classic hits of the 50’ 60’s and 70’s. Also the other way round we see older generations getting down to Bruno Mars, Pharrel Williams and Taylor Swift because they are on the floor and in the flow of things.

Our Sydney wedding singer understands the great musical formulas that get peoples butts shaking haven’t changed much and its fascinating to see a dance floor come alive as BeeGees or Beatles, Elvis, Credence and Rolling Stones are played right next to Cold Chisel, Bryan Adams, Whitney Houston and modern RnB hits from Rhianna to Justin Timberlake and even Justin Bieber. Musical tastes are what makes the world go round. Those who claim they are only into dance or RnB surprise themselves by dancing along when Big Thanks Band plays hard rock classics or even Abba. On the other hand, the die hard rock fans find themselves shaking along to Village People, Bruno Mars and Drake just because they are in the flow of the fun. Sydney Wedding Band Big Thanks loves to cater for a huge range of musical tastes. Our styles even include classical string music for the ceremony or perhaps for a grand entrance into the reception hall of the bridal party who wants a royal entrance. Not to forget the various cultures of the world from Asia to South America to Europe and Africa. Book Sydney Wedding Band Big Thanks Band today to cover all your musical tastes!

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