Choosing A Band

Choosing a band. Sydney Wedding band Big Thanks makes it easy for you to choose a band for your special day. We have many options for you including large, exciting bands with trumpets, trombones, saxophones, percussion and backing vocalists. Big Thanks Band also has smaller, more intimate ensembles. Sometimes a duo is sufficient for the whole evening and can consist of a guitarist and a vocalist or a keyboardist and vocalist or even a guitarist who sings accompanied by a saxophonist. We recommend these for lower budget, low key weddings where you aren’t looking for a pumping dance floor. The next size of ensemble up is a trio. There are numerous combinations of instruments that can make up a trio. A popular choice is a jazz trio consisting of old style Jazz Guitar, Double bass (the large instrument that looks like a giant violin) and either a drummer or a pianist or even a singer. It is not unusual to have a strictly instrumental band for low key background music as sometimes vocals or saxophone can be intrusive. However if you want a good time rocking out to classics on the dance floor later we recommend both a singer and a drummer in the band. Then of course there is the option of choosing a band with 4 members, typically: Bass, drums, guitarist/singer and a lead guitarist. Then there is our most popular options of either 5 or 6 piece band where a second singer is added (usually a male and female combo to cover more styles of music) and additionally a saxophonist or trumpet player. The ultimate advice for choosing a band is the Big Thanks Band trademark 8 piece! Those extra dollars pay off when you here the massive sound of a full brass section, percussion and backing vocalists. Its a grand way to celebrate your big day. Make Choosing a band easy with your Sydney Wedding band Big Thanks. choosing a band

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