A Mexican wedding

A mexican wedding

Mexican weddings are a riot. They’re full of colour and life and incredible music. Salsas and Sambas cause people to sway and jingle all my holidays for. The Big Thanks Band loves to play Salsas and sambas with our full brass section. We also featuring amazing percussionist Who plays congas and bongos, Timbale, cowbell, castanets and all the other South and Central American fantastic instruments. A Mexican wedding is unique in many ways. Just local Mexican celebrations like the day of the dead Independence Day Christmas flowers are a massive centrepiece. Mexicans are not afraid to die flowers different colours. Often flowers will be dine blue. The bright desert colours of orange red yellow and green are featured off as well at reception. Some people choose to wear sombreros to a reception and ponchos to keep the feeling more authentic. Weddings in Mexico can be held on the beach, in the city or best of all in the desert I’m on the cactus plants. Do you need to be Mexican to have a wedding in Mexico?! Absolutamente no. Nor do you need to even have it in Mexico. You can celebrate fiesta for the most special day of your life right here in Sydney with the Big thanks band. Crash Symphony productions can record this extraordinary Mexican fiesta for you on high-quality video and audio. The recordings are taken live at the wedding featuring yourself as the stars of the show with a live Big Thanks Band and their wedding singer on a soundtrack then they are mixed expertly in a world class Studio with such clients as 20th Century Fox has been recorded. Layout the tacos tortillas and quesadillas and make sure everybody has a piece of corn. Walking down the aisles you maybe showered with pieces of corn. A Mexican wedding is one of the most enjoyable ways to begin your married life.

mexican wedding


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