A travelling wedding

Imagine a travelling wedding. Having your wedding in three different locations. The ceremony in Sydney, the reception in Newcastle and the after party in Cairns. Weddings going over several days are not uncommon in many cultures. Indian weddings go for a few days. It seems to be the traditional Australian wedding is rather short. Traditionally you have an afternoon ceremony where a wedding singer or a Sydney acoustic duo will play. Then we go to our reception with an excellent wedding band and wedding singer which usually peters out around 11 PM everyone goes home! Apart from perhaps morning tea the next day or brunch that’s pretty much the end of the matter. However in Europe and Asia weddings last for much longer. This is not such a bad idea in Australia and why not add to that the aspect of  a travelling wedding. Sure, not all your guests will be able to join you at each location. But in this day and age many of each other’s relatives live in different cities and this is a great way to make it happen. You might even do 2 receptions or two ceremonies. This is common for people who live in other countries and base ones self in Australia. Chinese people often have a ceremony and reception in Sydney and then another one in the hometown in China. A marriage is a lifelong commitment enter take a a few extra days in the process of getting it started is not a strange idea at all. Make sure you book the Big Thanks band a Sydney Wedding Band who is happy to go the distance with you for a travelling wedding. We have a range of ensembles to suit your needs and all of them are willing to travel. Crash Symphony Productions can enhance the experience by turning the wedding into a “VIG” which is a remote video experience for your guests who can’t make it to the other side of the country.

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