A rainy wedding: Braving the weather

In many cultures a rainy wedding is considered extraordinary good luck. Its easy to feel disappointed when you wake up on your big day and see overcast, angry clouds. This however needs to be reviewed! The reality is that rain brings life and hope. The trees and plants and the very flowers you use on your rainy wedding day are all dependant on good rainfall. In fact, the flowers on the day will last a lot longer in that moist atmosphere and look stunning by the end of the eying. There are many other great reasons to want a rainy wedding day. Photos have a remarkably even light on over cast days and umbrellas can be quite fashionable! In fact if you find out that rain is forecast for your wedding day in advance you will have a chance to get printed umbrellas. Yes thats right, custom made printed umbrellas that can have the names of the bridal party members on them! This is a fun way to involve the whole bridal party and organise cute photo shoots in the drizzle.

Another advantage is simply the memories it creates. People laughing and huddling together, running for cover. The more dramatic the better!  You will be able to tell your children the stories and any of your guests that get a good soaking are hardly likely to forget it!

Another unusual side benefit from rain on your wedding day is that pollen and dust and other allergens are actually suppressed. There will be a lot less sneezing and hay fever at when there is rain on your wedding day.

Lets not forget the sheer romance of a rainy day. A great reason to get cozy and cuddle up. Many couples may find their fire on your wedding day and you could be responsible for a whole lot of wedding in the future. Rain brings people together.

Big Thanks Band is happy to perform for you rain, hail or shine and we love to play all the classics like “singing in the rain”. Our wedding singer with our acclaimed Sydney wedding band will wash away those over cast blues with hit after hit to keep you smiling and dancing.

wedding by the swimming pool

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