Animals at a wedding

Animals at a wedding.
Big thanks band loves to play zoological weddings. We have off and played at weddings where there will be a dog or cat on the dancefloor. Some people are very attached to their pets and even have the dog or cat as a ringbearer as they walk down the aisles. Let’s face it dog is a man/woman’s best friend and what better place to demonstrate this that the most important day of your life. We love to play songs by the animals, the classic Dance hit “who let the dogs out”. A horse with no name. Big Thanks Band often plays weddings at Taronga Zoo in the function centre. This is one of Sydney’s finest wedding reception venues and has a stunning almost panoramic view of one of the best harbours in the world. As the sun sets and the festivities for the celebration begin you can hear the animals crying out across the park. Monkeys, exotic birds, even Lions and elephants (perhaps the Big Thanks Band mascot elephant?) can be heard from time to time and interrupt speeches. Taronga Zoo is the most iconic place to have animals at a wedding but another option is simply to go to a friends farm. There are many large farms around NSW that have a variety of animals. You could get married in a shearing shed for a hunter valley wedding or a southern highlands wedding. The smell of sheep is still strong and on some occasions there may even be sheep still wandering around in between the tables. You could even strap drinks trays to the backs of well trained sheep and have them wander about for guests to reach out casually and grab a beer. The one draw back of having animals at a wedding is the dung they can produce. Though it is a great source of fertiliser it can create quite an off putting smell. We find grass eating animals are more tolerable than dogs or cats. Either way, make sure you book Crash Symphony Productions to record the entire experience in high definition, movie and music video quality film Have this memory recorded forever.

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