Animals at a wedding

Animals at a wedding.
Big thanks band loves to play zoological weddings and weddings on a farm. We have off and played at weddings where there will be a dog or cat on the dancefloor. Some people are very attached to their pets and even have the dog or cat as a ringbearer as they walk down the aisles. Let’s face it dog is a man/woman’s best friend and what better place to demonstrate this that the most important day of your life. We love to play songs by the animals, the classic Dance hit “who let the dogs out”. A horse with no name, horses by Daryl Braithewait, the Chicken Dance, Lamb on the run, Sheep and Pigs by Pink Floyd, Hire Crash Symphony Productions and get the video cameras and state of the art recording devices running on the farm and capture all your friends and family on the dance floor with the animals, rocking and rolling to Rockin Robin. Our wedding singer will blow you away with their talent. Animals at a wedding will have loads of fun and be rolling in the aisles and all over the barn yard floor as our wedding DJ spins the late hip hop and dance classics to keep the beat pumping well into the night. Swinging cats will swing all night with our 12 piece big band and the dogs will be howling as they hear our trumpet player play those amazing high notes that only they can here. Tie the knot on a farm or better still at a zoo. Perhaps your groom could romantically arrive to the ceremony on a zebra or an elephant. Its a royal affair and your guests will be blown away by the fun you can have with animals at a wedding. People could even bring their own pets. A southern highlands wedding on a farm is perfect for this as crash symphony productions captures it.

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