The band that voted yes

Sydney wedding band big thanks band is the band that voted yes! Choose Big Thanks Band for your same-sex wedding. We are ready to party with you and take care of all your same-sex marriage musical needs! How band voted yes and we are very excited about the legislation that is sure to be passed in the next 12 months. It is a very exciting time for change in Australia as a nation voters are resounding yes to the question of same-sex marriage. Your same-sex wedding Candy for fun, laughter and all the best Music from all the age. Big thanks band plays the classics right back from the 50s and 60s and even earlier for those jazz, swing fans. And of course we play all the modern hits from Pharrell Williams Mars, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and anyone else you want to hear from! Play rock ‘n’ roll , R&B, soul, pop, pop and rock classics. Thanks band vote yes and is ready to vote yes for a good time at your same-sex wedding! We are wedding reception entertainment specialists and have been entertaining couples for years. There will be a rush of bookings in the next six months so make sure you get it out and book the band that voted yes. We can’t wait to celebrate the meaning of true love and wish you and your partner all the very best for an exciting future
We will even play all the classics by the famous 70s band called “yes”
Sponsorship by Optus now even be an option to help you pay for a super large reception and a brass section in our band. The Big Thanks Band is a positive band and wants to be the band that moves forward with all new social movements. We love new music, we love new types of celebrations and we love the idea of playing at your same sex wedding!
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