Celebrating a big American Wedding with the Big Thanks Band

Americans really know how to party and celebrate all occasions including an ultimate American Wedding. The ability of North Americans to celebrate well becomes obvious in the United States around the time of Thanksgiving and also around Halloween and Christmas. Decorations and an abundance of food and ¬†Good will mark all American celebrations. Members of the Big thanks Band have toured the United States and seen the various pockets of culture across the entire country. If you are American living in Sydney then please don’t hesitate to contact us for your American wedding! We love the music of all great American bands from Elvis to the Eagles to kiss, quiet riot and of course great southern American folk music. America is the home of so many great styles of music and a big thanks band loves to pay tribute to all of them. Let’s not forget the birthplace of jazz and blues is the United States of America. Such an incredible musical country with so many fantastic opportunities to record in places like Nashville and Motown. The History of rock and pop is littered with a whole heap of great recordings and CDs. Contact the Big Thanks Band and book your ultimate wedding singer. We can play an American Wedding as good as anyone and love to rock the dance floor with all the classics. We can even hire an all American MC for your American Wedding. Crash Symphony productions can record this entire experience in the tradition of Motown Nashville and Hollywood to give you a sweet production of your special day to keep forever. We welcome people from the USA to a beautiful country and want to celebrate your wedding however you feel comfortable to remind you of your great country back home. With you are from the midwest, the East Coast or West Coast or from the Darling south we can help you reminisce and play all the great tuned from your region including born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen and “American woman”. We can even play that classic “American pie”.

american wedding


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