Celebrity Wedding

The Big Thanks Band wants to play at your self styled celebrity wedding. We cater for all he rich and famous and everyday folk who want the touch of the stars with our awesome wedding singer. Our 8 piece band or even our 10 piece band is the best selection for such lavish affairs. If you’re a celebrity (perhaps from a reality TV show or a self styled Kardashian celebrity) we’d love to play for your celebrity wedding. We can dress up like celebrities and wear all sorts of costumes to make you feel like you are on a TV set. More than that, Crash Symphony Productions can actually make your wedding a TV set. CSP are renowned for working with celebrities from all over the world in their Neutral Bay Studio. With credits such as voice overs for big advertisements and many audio books, with production credits for some of Sydney’s best up and coming original artists, Crash Symphony Productions is the best qualified celebrity wedding movie maker. CSP make studio quality recordings live on site at the wedding which is a rare opportunity. This is not second rate, wedding videography with average run of the mill sound tracks, this is state of the art recording technology hooked up with the best video cameras to create a music video of your big day Big Thanks Band works with CSP to create this unique product and you and your guests and you family are the stars of the show. Imagine being your own celebrity and dancing on the dance floor to classic hits as our wedding singer pumps out all the great songs that you love. Meanwhile the cameras zoom in on you and your spouse as you exchange those looks of love across the dance floor. A magic moment is created everytime the angle changes. Then with all the high quality raw footage, its back to the studio to create and edit and put the finishing touches on your own celebrity wedding music video to keep for years to come.

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