Is a daytime wedding right for you? Sunrise ceremony.

A daytime wedding can be perfect with the right weather. Some people love to have the ceremony in the afternoon, head off for photos at a scenic location and then arrive at the reception venue for an evening wedding where they can party into the night. Occasionally however couples choose to do the entire wedding, both ceremony and reception over the course of a day starting in the morning. A daytime wedding can be a challenge for guests who have to arrive at the ceremony at 8 or 9am. Its even more challenging for the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen who in fact have to get up at 5 or 6am to get ready and make the right preparations. Of course all of this is ideal for the early bird couple. Are you a morning person or a night person? If you are at your best in the morning (and lets face it, perhaps nature intended it that way!) then a morning ceremony and daytime wedding reception could be right for you! If you are really inclined that way you may choose to do a sunrise ceremony. Rare as this is, it is a beautiful and unique setting which is in fact very romantic and symbolic. Everyone loves a sunset and being romantic as the sun goes down, but imagine starting your new life together as the giant star of our solar system rises, signifying a new beginning together. The Big Thanks Band is ready to rise bright and early with their ultimate wedding singer and support you for a daytime wedding. Our wedding singer with perhaps a duo accompaniment can get to the church bright and early and music you down the aisle and into your new marriage at your daytime wedding. Then at the reception our full 7 piece wedding band with brass and congas and a backing vocalist can play fiesta music late into the afternoon as you celebrate with your loved ones. Crash Symphony Productions can record the entire day wedding for you with state of the art sonic and visual equipment so that you have a musical scrapbook and timeless memory of your big day. Call the Big Thanks Band today and celebrate the ultimate daytime wedding!

daytime wedding

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