Your fancy wedding opportunity and planning

Would you sell your house to pay for a fancy wedding? Just to keep up with the celebrities!? Some people consider this an important thing. If you won the lottery and could only spend the money on a fancy wedding what would you do? You would be surprised how easily you can spend $1 million on a wedding. Some flower arrangements alone can cost up to $100,000. Such ostentacious flowers usually cover the roof and are built into giant archways and sculptures through out the reception hall.  How would you spend your fancy wedding money? Would you get married on a island and spend a fortune flying there on a helicopter and ferrying all your guests from the mainland? Perhaps you could have an underwater wedding. Hire a  team of professional scuba-divas and have all your guests view the exchange of vows through a snorkel masks while you stand amongst the coral with oxygen tanks strapped to your back and a celebrant wearing a wet suit. Wacky, expensive ideas are limitless when it comes to weddings. Of course you can be a very superficial affair and create more stress than necessary. Perhaps you are the sort that is happy to elope and live happily ever after on love alone. Others need to have movie quality videos made of their courtship. The big thanks band recently played an Indian wedding with a Bollywood style cinematic presentation on the screen of the couples life together so far. Such amazing video productions are not out of reach. Crash Symphony productions can make a high-quality, TV standard music video of your wedding night with your wedding band and wedding singer.  With state-of-the-art cameras and the best studio recording gear, the Big Thanks band comes with a very own video crew and the production is amazing. Imagine seeing yourself and your spouse is the centre of a music video clip with all your friends dancing around you and the big thinks band in the background. This is a memory and a treasure that will last forever at your fancy wedding.

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