Filming your wedding

Filming your wedding.

Filming your wedding is always a good idea provided you have the right equipment and personnel. Years later you can watch the wedding and remember all the close friends and family that attended as well as the special moments throughout the day. Sadly what doesn’t often happen at weddings is a filming with a good live soundtrack to accompany it. What happens usually is that artificial music is added later and it can appear contrived and not quite real. Crash Symphony Productions has developed state of the cutting edge technology to capture not only a video of your big special day, but also to sync it with the music of the live band and wedding singer that you choose. Not a rough iPhone recording or average standard camera microphones, but world-class, studio quality recordings! Filming your wedding has never been more exciting due to the unique technology Crash Symphony Productions uses. With an array of cameras and many microphones, Crash Symphony Productions is able to record the Big Thanks band and film your wedding day in a unique way that cannot be done by any other company. Book the Big Thanks wedding band and your favourite wedding singer as well as a three-piece horn section and a percussionist. Dance the night away to your favourite pop tunes and rock ‘n’ roll classics as well as RnB and dance hits. Swing along to jazz classics and groove to should and boogie with our soul singers. Capture the whole night with Crash Symphony Productions and their team of highly trained engineers and artists who make filming your wedding easy. Your family and friends will all want copies and they will be mightily impressed if they see the finished product after it has been taken back to the studio and polished. You will be blown away by the quality.


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