Celebrate your Korean Wedding

Sydney wedding band Big Thanks Band wants to play for you as you Celebrate your Korean Wedding. We can cater for all your traditional needs and also cover the modern songs and classics that your guests will want to hear on the dance floor as well as K-pop hits. Korean weddings are especially fun and interesting on account of the fascinating traditions. The groom traditionally presented his future mother in law with a goose but in this day an age ofter a wooden goose is presented. We have even played at a Korean wedding where the groom chose to present a Chocolate Goose to his mother in law. Needless to say, she was delighted! Hire Big Thanks Band for your Korean wedding and dance the night away to classic traditional Korean Music and also modern hits from Korea such as Gangnam Style and Another popular tradition is the Pyebaek.¬†During the pyebaek, dates and chestnuts are given to the bride. At some Korean weddings the groom can be seen carrying his mother across the dance floor and then placing her gently down only to pick up his bride and begin to carry her across the floor. This is a romantic symbol of his faithfulness to always protect, serve and “carry” the women in his life. Party late into the night with Big Thanks Band at your Korean wedding as we play hits form the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and naughties. Wether here in Sydney or in Korea itself, Big Thanks Band is happy to go the distance and play for your Korean wedding. We will play all the hits from PSY, Girls Generation, BTS and TWICE including the hit “I got a boy” by Girls Generation and Likey by TWICE. Whatever your needs for your huge Korean Wedding from Seoul to Sydney, The Big Thanks Band has you covered and is ready to party with you.
Korean wedding

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