Moving in together. Traditional wedding

Moving in together. Believe it or not they’re still couples in this day and age they do not move in together until after they married! This sort of traditional wedding creates an extra old school layer of romance we can also lead to complications when the couple finally does move in. Of course they will have stayed at each other’s place many times and see how the other lives! 50 years ago this was commonplace and the day of the traditional wedding was also the day that you started your new life living together daily. What an extraordinary thing to happen after the reception. The couple scoots off to the honeymoon and then head home to a nicely prepared house or unit to begin life together and plan a family. This traditional wedding way of seeing things are still held dear by many people and has a surprisingly high success rate statistically! Whether one moves in together during the engagement period long before that or after the wedding itself, the common thread to long lasting relationship seems to be selflessness and a willingness to bend on things and allow for the other to be themselves. I the alternate wedding singer can cater for both types of relationships. There is a plethora of old school songs that the Big Thanks Band can play which talk about this kind of love and bands like magic sing in reference to asking a father’s permission for the hand of the bride! Sydney wedding band big thanks band loves to cater for traditional wedding couples and uphold their values. Whatever sort of engagement process you have had, whatever the right the big thanks band and a fantastic wedding singer will make your day a day to remember. Hire the Big Thanks Band today and make sure you book them in conjunction with Crash Symphony Productions to video and capture a sonic musical experience on your big day.

traditional wedding

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