Online virtual gigs: VIGS

Big Thanks Band works closely with Crash Symphony Productions to bring you an online virtual gigs through a revolutionary new live music portal. Believe it or not, you can actually see our band play live from your own house. Tune in to a VIG and hear us perform for you to help you decide if we are your cup of tea or not! Make sure you have the speakers plugged in and turned up loud. The online virtual gigs are the latest way to view your preferred wedding band. You can get a taste and feel for the band and even pre-request songs. We love performing and we know its not always possible for busy working people to get out into the city or to a club to see the live music they may want to hire. While we still gig about town plenty, we love providing you with your own personal concert and showing you our skills. Crash Symphony Productions has installed state of the art technology in the field of high quality audio as well as video capture and production. This is the highest quality online virtual gig you can see, with no delay, glitches or sound quality reduction. If you’re eager to see one of our online virtual gigs, please drop us a note in the enquiry form and mention that you’d like to watch us live from home. We can organise a VIG for you and show you why we are Sydney’s premier wedding band. With our extensive repertoire, male and female wedding singer and a band that can expand up to a huge 10-piece, Big Thanks Band is an excellent choice for you big day. Don’t forget to think about what song you want for your first dance. We are happy to play the song that you choose and add it to our repertoire.

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