Space wedding – is this for you?

Believe it or not, some rich entrapaneurs around the world including the venerable Richard Branson have floated the idea of a space wedding. That’s right, not only has the millionaire come up with exciting ideas about space travel for ordinary citizens, but him and others have decided that it would be quite exciting and romantic and frankly – out of this world, to take a minister or celebrant up above the atmosphere and have a space wedding with the ultimate view! What more romantic way to start your life together than with ultimate perspective, looking down on your home planet and imagining a life together. Hold hands tightly as you will be floating by the time you exchange vows and wedding rings. DOn’t drop the ring guys!. Imagine your bridal party floating around you and looking on proudly as you recite your vows before a space man. Of course the budget for such a wedding is also stratospheric but surely if you love someone enough its not such a big deal to mortgage the house for a space wedding is it? Imagine living in a caravan for the first 10 years of your marriage and boasting to your neighbours how you tied the knot on the way to the moon. Walk down the aisle to “Fly Me To The Moon” and sign the register to David Bowie’s “Major Tom”. The first dance could be to “Rocket Man” by Elton John or “Gravity” by John Mayer and yes, you better believe Sydney wedding band Big Thanks Band has got you covered for all your interstellar hits at your space wedding. We play a huge variety of Space friendly music. Sydney Wedding Band Big Thanks offers a special half price promotional deal for those who want to begin life as a married couple among the stars. Make sure you book us today and please include space suits!

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