Wedding in a rainforest

A wedding in a rainforest can be a memorable experience. You can travel up to the Daintree or just to Cairns or perhaps only as far as New South Wales northern Beaches. There is always a clearing inside a rainforest where you can take your vows. Many private properties around sydney are joined to a rainforest. Some have a beautiful reception hall overlooking the canopy or a marquee setup on the forest floor can be great ways to celebrate your big day. The big thanks band loves to perform at a rainforest wedding.   Of course we would not play the entire time because sometimes being silent in a rainforest is the best thing hearing the incredible array of bird noises and animal noises can really add to the atmosphere. Having said that we have all the rainforest classics ready to go. We can play quite welcome to the jungle”,   Deep forest house classics, songs by the monkeys and the birds. Big thanks band has got you covered. Choose us and our ultimate wedding singer for your wedding in a rainforest. And don’t forget to call crash Symphony productions to capture the entire experience with brilliant audio and video. Photo opportunities abound at a wedding in a rain forest. You can walk under the canopy with hundreds of different aspects of light and your photographer can capture them all. There might even be a forest stream nearby where you can pose on rocks or against trees with vines and all sorts of creepers. It is much safer to have an Australian wedding in a rain forest because we have so few dangerous species. Walking through the bush is safe provided you make plenty of noise to clear snakes out of your path. Daylight is best so as to see the spiders webs and of course don’t forget to cover yourself and your family and friends with Aeroguard to keep away spiders and mosquitos!

wedding in a rainforest

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