A hologram wedding

A hologram wedding is becoming more and more possible these days as technology improves across the world. What is the point of a hologram wedding you may ask? Quite simply it allows people who are unable to travel to the wedding (perhaps from another country or from a nursing home or another state) to be present in a real way! A hologram is a series of photographic and videographer images that are projected from the original location (where the subject is surrounded by cameras) and comes out in laser form at the other end. The lasers intersect and form a 3D image of what is being captured by the cameras. With the right lighting and a space (perhaps even a whole guests table or a corner of the reception centre), the holograms can seem entirely present. The people being projected of course would want a full screen vision of the wedding so they could feel part of it like they are in fact in the room. Imagine having your wedding singer as a hologram? Or your wedding band. The Big Thanks Band isn’t quite ready to be a holographic band, but we can make sure of a few things on your big day. Firstly that we play all the best music for your guests to dance too. We do a huge range of songs from classics of the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s all the way through to the modern RnB bangers. Our wedding singer is always versatile. Make sure you ask for a big song list from us so you can have an idea of the wide range of songs we play. Crash Symphony Productions can capture the entire musical experience with a music video of you and your friends. High quality video cameras and studio quality microphones are set up seamlessly at the reception.

hologram wedding

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