A military wedding

A military wedding is necessary for all those in the armed forces. It’s not easy to maintain a relationship or engagement when one partner is in the military and the other is not. Soldiers are often moved from their postings and without marital status its hard to get a transfer to anywhere permanent for you or your partner. And so a military wedding results and the celebrations begin. Dressing up is no problem for an officer or anyone high up in the military. They are given extra special suits and garments to use for formal occasions such as a military wedding, guns and all. The whole battalion might attend and the wedding could look like a 1940’s military Elvis movie with charming young men in uniform dancing with pretty girls all dressed up. There are appointed military chaplains and celebrants that can conduct the ceremony and great venues with a military history to host the reception. One such venue is a famous historic site called Gunners Barracks in Mosman, Sydney. This venue comes complete with original (unarmed) guns of metal which are now relics of military history. This is a great place to hold a military wedding. Sergeants mess is another popular wedding venue that used to be a barracks for officers and also a convenient and strategic lookout over the harbour. The Big Thanks Band can serenade you and rock you into the night at a military wedding. We play such classics as G.I. Blues and “love is a battlefield” and any other military wedding classic. DOn’t forget to book Crash Symphony Productions along with Big Thanks Band to record and capture the musical performance as well as you and your guests with a state of the art video and sonic production. Imagine reliving the musical experience with high quality studio production sound with a live band as the soundtrack.

a military wedding

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