Making a personal wedding soundtrack

Making a wedding soundtrack.

Imagining having a personal wedding soundtrack on CD. All your favourite songs performed by the Big Thanks Band. Sydney wedding band Big Thanks Band uses  state-of-the-art technology in conjunction with Crash Symphony Productions to record your favourite songs and essentially provide a heartwarming wedding soundtrack to your big night. The bridal Dantce, The bridal party entrance songs, the father daughter dance, the tossing of the Boquet, a special item by our wedding singer at the cutting of the cake. All of these things are key musical moments that add up to a beautiful wedding night and a beautiful wedding soundtrack. Big Thanks Band and their amazing Wedding singer can do this for you whether you decide to have a wedding in the Huntervalley, a southern highlands wedding, a kangaroo valley wedding, a Curzon Hall wedding, a Doltone House wedding, a Dunbar house wedding or a harbour wedding. Whatever your choice of venue Big Thanks Band can serenade you and play all the classics, modern hits and RnB bangers to make you and your guests feel joyous and festive. Crash symphony Productions works in tandem with Big thanks Band to create a perfect studio quality wedding soundtrack. They have worked with 20th Century Fox, many famous music artists from Australia and all around the world and done loads of advertising and voice-over work. You couldn’t ask for a higher quality wedding soundtrack.  Add to this a live video feel that plugs in directly to the soundtrack and you have yourself a memory to be compare it with no other. The combination of expertly placed, high quality videos, in and around the dance floor and band along with state of the art microphones and recording equipment leaves you with nothing but the best production. Make sure you book the Big Thanks Band today along with Crash Symphony Productions to ensure your wedding soundtrack.

wedding soundtrack

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