The art of love

One of the reason big thanks band loves to play at weddings with our amazing wedding singers is because we get to see examples of the art of love. Yes we believe this is an accurate description of the way to approach love! It takes care, time, energy, focus and attention to detail. Love is not something that just happens magically. There are of course magic moments that happen in every relationship but mostly, the art of love is something that is worked through carefully step-by-step with mistakes and corrections along the way. The wedding singer you choose with The Big Thanks Band will play all sorts of songs that reflect the art of love. They will sing songs with the ultimate wedding band that talk about the ups and downs of building a relationship. The most basic love unit in humanity, the force which keeps humans united is the family. The beginning of this is the union of two people who decide to commit to the art of loving and create a family. It is a beautiful thing and it is most certainly a unit that takes love and care to construct year after year. Sydney wedding band Big Thanks believes it is an absolute privilege to perform and entertain and introduce a newlywed couple to their friends and to the world. One of the most popular bridal dance songs in the past two years has been Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud“. This song looks forward tot he couple being 70 years old and beyond, long past the day of being able to carry one another physically or be able to do amazing things with ones hands (like play the guitar). Love transcends all these temporary things. Love is not always pretty and perfect but it is a force to drive the human race that compares to no other. Book The Big Thanks Band today and celebrate the amazing phenomena of love with us.summer wedding

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