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Getting married on an aeroplane with BTB

Getting married on an aeroplane is not as ridiculous as it sounds, some people have been known to hire out the whole aircraft and actually just to book tickets on the entire thing for their closest friends and loved ones. A... View Article

traditional wedding

Moving in together. Traditional wedding

Moving in together. Believe it or not they’re still couples in this day and age they do not move in together until after they married! This sort of traditional wedding creates an extra old school layer of romance we can... View Article

Celebrating a big white Christmas Wedding

Imagine a Christmas wedding. As crazy as it seems some couple Tuesdays or date to get married. It’s a perfect opportunity for the wedding singer in the ultimate wedding band to play all the Christmas classics. No, not just the... View Article

male or female wedding singer

Choosing a male or female wedding singer

Male or female wedding singer? Believe it or not it is a common choice to have a male wedding singer in preference over female wedding singer! Statistically men do far more weddings than women in the entertainment department and this... View Article

blue mountains wedding

The ultimate Southern Highlands Wedding

Southern Highlands Wedding If you are looking for a band to play at your Southern Highlands Wedding, look no further than the Big Thanks Band. We will provide you the ultimate wedding singer with a world-class band in tow. We... View Article